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Physical Therapist California License – PT, CA Licensure

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

When I was getting my CA license I used online resources to give me a monetary and time breakdown, so I thought it may be helpful to write this for whoever is contemplating getting theirs.

The quick timeline breakdown:

Late October – Started speaking with recruiters

Early November – Submit my application to PTBC

Late November – Authorization to Test letter

Mid December – Sat for the Law Exam

Passed, reconnected with recruiters

Late December – Received my fingerprint hard card

Sent fingerprints

Mid January – Updated that fingerprints were final steps and had been submitted to FBI

January 29th – Licensed in California!

The extended version:

Total Cost: $752.90

Timeline may be different based on:

· Needed extra time because of holidays, COVID and postal service for the mail aspect

· I had to wait for my hard card before I got my finger prints done, which took a while.

· How long you want to study for the law exam.

· When tests are available or how to fit them into your schedule.

Extra Details on Steps!

1. Grad of CAPTE program

2. If this is your first license: apply by exam, if this is a secondary license: apply by endorsement.

3. The road map


You’ll use the BreEZe website to begin registration.

Once you have registered your name and information an account is created for you. On the homepage of the BreEZe website you’ll find

1. Applications

a. Start a new application or take an exam:

i. find: PTBC

ii. PT Exam Request

You’ll insert information about yourself including your educational background, contact details and be able to attach files. It’s best to have all of the information you need when you begin the application, including the passport photos to attach, because some of the application information does not save.

Score Reporting

Go to your FSBPT log-in and sent a score report, and scheduled jurisprudence exam.

- Score Transfer to State (sending scores)

- Jam and Jurisprudence (signing up for exam)

page 9/19

Certifies that you have completed all clinical and didactic training, and internship required for graduation. School completes this after graduation, no post-dating allowed. My school sent it straight to the board with no fees related to sending but all schools are different. I sent it to our awesome administrator and she had it done within the week.

Total Cost Breakdown

a. Application fee: $300

b. Initial license fee: $150

c. NPTE score transfer: $92

d. Finger print processing: $49

i. Rolling fee: variable, mine was $22

e. Passport photo: $15

f. CA Law Exam: $66

g. Prometric Fee: $30

h. P1E: variable

As you can see this license costs a little over $700. However, if you are planning on beginning travel PT most recruiters offer license reimbursement as a benefit or take it from your pay package and provide it upfront. This is obviously an investment, and it may be wise to consider traveling to compact states for first assignments to test the waters prior to getting your CA license.

Jacob & I at "Lands End" trail in San Francisco

If you have specific questions about the license process, finding recruiters or anything PT related, feel free to send me an email at, tweet me at @DPTKlee or comment on this post.

For those of you beginning your travelPT journeys, getting your first license or applying to physical therapy school: If you are looking for FREE resume, application or cover letter assistance please shoot me an email at titled "RESUME HELP." I'd love to be a part of your journey!

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