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Success Follows Happiness

Updated: Jul 28, 2019

If you haven't seen Katelyn Ohashi's perfect 10 floor routine, have you been living under a rock? Only joking but check it out! She is a fantastic performer and a stellar gymnast. What most didn't know when they watched the video is the timeline of events leading up to Ohashi's viral floor routine. This Player's Tribune video from her perspective gives us more insight on the life of a gymnast as it relates to competition, relationships (familial and food related), and injury.

My interpretation of the video, and the life of Katelyn Ohashi is short: the path that most would regard as failure has brought her something even more important than success: happiness.

This isn't to say that that Ohashi is unsuccessful by any means. She is competing and dominating at a collegiate level - which is a feat in and of itself. But, she is doing it with herself in mind. This is the combination of strong will, a supportive coach and a fierce attitude facing doubters and naysayers.

How could this attitude be applied to our own self?

For me, it means disregarding the expectations of others on the search for what makes me truly happy.

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