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The Destination

"Yeah, at least I'm enjoying the ride." - GD (Brent Richard Mydland / John Barlow / Robert Hall Weir)


When I entered physical therapy school, I had a relatively narrow mindset of what PT entailed. Since I began pursuing my PT dreams I have been interested in the sports physical therapy. As a child, I dabbled in just about every sport I could: soccer, softball, cheerleading, dance, volleyball, golf. I have always loved having an active lifestyle and my parents always encouraged us to play sports. I ultimately chose to continue my cheerleading career in competitively in high school and then at the collegiate level in 2014. Additionally, as a Pittsburgh, PA native - football, hockey and yes, even baseball have been household staples ever since I could remember. I grew up loving and continue to love and respect all sports.

However, over the past year I have found myself in classes, integrated clinical experiences and volunteer opportunities constantly conflicted about where I will end up.

I've learned more about the brain, pain science and both ends of the life spectrum than I ever imagined I would. We've delved deep into pathologies and treatments of the heart and lungs, met amputees who have imparted their PT experiences on us, and took an elective on Woman's Health and the pelvic floor.

Though uncertainty is frightening at times, the opportunities are limitless. I'm thrilled to be entering a field that not only encourages growth but requires it. Here's to (at least) one more year of finding my passion!

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