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Curious Dichotomy

Strip malls and conversation, friendship and intensity.

Winding tree-lined drives, slow moving patients and peaceful nights with DVDs.

This is the dichotomy that has been lain out for me.

Several times within the last week I have recognized the sharp contrast between my last and current contracts. Explaining my prior experience with yoga to my new teacher I expressed the rigidity with which I was practicing. Noting, however, how much I enjoyed the gentleness of the words and movement I am now experiencing. "Life gives you what you need," she said.

I enjoy arriving to a quiet workplace but I miss the camaraderie of my last contract. I think of the nights of conversation and laughter in the house I lived in, but revel in nights alone curled up to comforting, old movies. While I could go for a Sprouts sandwich on a Sunday after grocery shopping, I am happy to be spending way less money at Grocery Outlet (lol).

It's been a little over one week here and I have found my home in a yoga studio, can turn off the GPS on the drive home, and have the perfect Saturday morning coffee spot.

Curious, isn't it, how "life gives you what you need"? Did I influence the alignment of these experiences or have the cards fallen for me to graciously receive them? And, am I receptive to whatever happen next? It flows toward me, grand and perfect.

In Gratitude,


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