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Oh the truth to you I'll tell...

As I snacked on lunch in the car heading from one job to the second, I considered my yoga class for the day. What was I going to teach? What did I have to say? As class time quickly came and my cortisol levels were still high from traffic, Daily Notes and the thought of cooking dinner when I got home -- I could feel myself retaining breath. I was the last person who should tell others how to breathe.

In retrospect, we're all that person sometimes. The person that needs the reminder to slow, pause, breathe, and get present.

It's hard when we see our favorite instagrammers killin it always. When we see the people who are doing the things we wish to do. When someone's telling you all you need is xyz to be happy.

That's why when it came time to write I wanted to keep it real and tell you the truth: Today I am the one that needs reminded. That the pile of to-dos will still be there when I get back from my moment of pause. Living authentically means telling the truth and the truth is not everyday is waking up early and doing the morning routine like I planned. Sometimes it's sleeping in and figuring it out later. It felt disingenuous to tell you how better I feel when I don't snooze my alarm (which is true) since I hit the snooze about eight times this morning...

Perhaps this week is an off week, one that is going to encourage me to roll with more punches than I prefer. But even in sitting down to write this, I notice that I can get comfortable with that. I notice that if that isn't going to work out for me, I can start to address it now rather than let it happen to me and be frustrated about it.

You can start again, like the sun does every morning.

Weekly, I've felt a calling to share the resources I'm collecting and the teachings I am excited about. Let me be totally honest, this past week was not a resource/book/learn week. And that's alright with me. Vienna waits for me...

Sending love your way,


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