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SAVER the Morning

“You are who you think you are.” – GeNienne Samuels

Rolling out of bed 12 minutes before I have to leave for work, I slap a pod in the keurig and run to the bathroom to dress myself and brush my teeth at the same time. There is bound to be a coffee stain, toothpaste or crumbs on my pants again. If only I wouldn’t have scrolled those extra 6 minutes maybe I could have done my hair instead of this messy bun. I grab a cliff bar, forget my water bottle, and oh yep there goes my coffee splashing onto my jacket. I think I am clumsy, tired, and that there isn’t enough time in a day.

My alarm sounds, I rise from my bed to turn it off & the lights on. I blink my eyes several times as I dress for work, quietly massage lotion into my face and braid back a few curls. Once I’ve arrived to the morning, I make coffee and sit with a book, write a few affirmations and let words pour onto the page - my dream from the night before, my dreams of the future, and anything else that needs to come out. I sit with breakfast and taste every bite. I think to myself how grateful I am for a peaceful morning, for solitude, to feel energized by a simple routine.

There are few months between who I was and who I am. In truth, the routine that has taken shape lately is only weeks old. The real difference between them being what I told myself – I am not a morning person. I am the type of person who sleeps in because it feels good, spills and leaves messes, scrolls because, why not? But lately I’ve been telling myself a different story. No, not that I’m a morning person. I’ve been telling myself that if my goals are important to me, I’ll make time for them. If I am a “healthy” person, I will make time to exercise, meal prep and eat slowly. I owe myself peace, time for reflection and affirmations that make me feel good.

I have always been fascinated with early risers. There is so much netflix, scrolling and life admin to do, how could anyone get to bed before midnight? I knew I needed inspiration, and boy have I been looking deep in a well of “self help” books these past few months. So I skimmed a book suggested to me by my coach, “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. To be honest, I couldn’t stand it. It was all about how happy people were since they started their “Miracle Morning.” Impatiently, I flipped to the good part: the SAVERS.

(if you’ve read the book and there are more nuggets for me to find in there, please let me know otherwise this is what I got from it)

The SAVERS are 6 actions you take when you first wake up, the goal is to initially dedicate 5-10 minutes to each of them (30-60 minutes earlier than usual) with the idea that you’ll likely want more time for some of them and begin to rise even earlier than you thought possible.


  1. Solitude (sit in silence)

  2. Affirmations (write or speak your self-affirmations)

  3. Visualizations (visualize yourself accomplishing, achieving, embarking etc)

  4. Exercise

  5. Read

  6. Scribe /Write

Yeah – okay. Life changing stuff, I thought. The first morning I tried and failed. I snoozed my alarm, then picked up my phone and thirty minutes flew by. It was time to get ready for work and I looked at the list of SAVERS I had planned to do feeling embarrassed that I knew more about what everyone had for dinner last night than what I would want to visualize if I had the time.

The next morning I committed. I gave myself 5 minutes for each task and found myself snoozing the timer so I could read a few more pages and write a few more sentences. Day one, my exercise was stretching on the ground. The next day, I joined a gym.

I can’t say I’ve fully adopted the practice just yet. The book is great, the SAVERS are great but the real miracle would be consistency. Consistency is a muscle that develops with willpower, determination and big goals in mind. I can say, however, I won’t stand in my own way. That what is meant for me will come to me if I continue to show up for myself and prove that I am deserving of it.

There are so many great resources if you're curious about the concept including Must Love List's, youtube testimonials, and likely at thing or two on Elrod's website.

I hope these concepts spark curiosity in you and perhaps you make some time (pre-scroll) for quiet contemplation or reading. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts, failures and successes as you strive to become the person you’d like to think you are.

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