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Colombia Travel Series

This spring, I applied to a service trip through the US ISPO, International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics. A few friends from the SPT class above me had gone on a similar humanitarian trip to Belize through ISPO and recommended it as a great way to get exposure to amputee rehabilitation and a “once in a life time” opportunity to serve abroad.

When I told my two classmates and good friends I’d be taking this trip, they decided that we should make an adventure out of it. The three of us planned a week-long trip through Colombia before we would part and I head to Bogota, Colombia.

When planning (and then experiencing) this trip, I recognized a shortage in information on what we should do and see. I hope that these posts provide you with insight on what I experienced and encourage you to travel to see these beautiful places. If you need any help planning your future trip, feel free to reach out on twitter @SPTKlee or by email:

I am excited to share all about the humanitarian trip & my physical therapy related experience – but first, three travel installments beginning in Barranquilla.

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