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Autumn Equinox, A New Beginning

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Rather than apologize, again, for "forgetting" about this space and pushing my creative outlets aside I will nod once in acceptance that a blog does not create itself, that I know I must write in order to publish, and for flippantly saying things like "in my next post" when I know full well there is no next post.

Can you really say new beginning when every time you get on here is a "new beginning"? It's ground-hogs day but like once every 3 months I realize I've neglected a platform that I swore to myself the last time I logged in I would use - I promised myself via paypal payment to this wix site for a 365 day subscription I would use - And I don't. Alas, I probably need to read a self help book about habit formation and then I will be cured but I'm trying not to buy any more new books as our shelves are stuffed to the brim with books I haven't read.

So what brought me back here to self-deprecatingly reflect in a public way? I began a "Fall Challenge" today. Forty days of yoga, meditation, reflection and accountability. After a long morning of buying random [totally necessary] stuff on amazon and looking, longingly, on instagram at @itsmetix (s/o to my friends, I didn't need to be obsessed with a 30 year old content creator but here we are) it was time to meet on Zoom.


Our first task was to think of the way the world perceives us, then think of the ways that we perceive ourselves. For me, I believe I am seen as a daughter, girlfriend, pittsburger and a physical therapist. I perceive myself to be a healer, a writer, creative, yogi and music lover. I perceive this be cause at my root {chakra} I know it is true, but it is not how I am received by the world because it's not really what I cast out. And within the first 10 minutes of our meeting, I knew what I needed to do.

I propose making this next 40 days about: spending more time logged off, doing more yoga and exercise, being outside, and posting (once a day would be a miracle, so let's go with once a week?). I want to create and share, learn and teach.

With Gratitude,


Follow along my Yoga Teacher Training journey at Left Coast Power Yoga at @upsidedown_physio on instagram and @DPT_Klee on twitter.

Kaylee, PT, DPT 
Kaylee is a Doctor of Physical Therapy based in the Bay Area of California.  She received her degree in 2020 from The University of Miami and is currently practicing in Sub-Acute Rehab.   Kaylee is passionate about all things yoga, neuro-rehab, and limb loss and limb difference rehabilitation demonstrated through practice, student education and advocacy.

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