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Beginning Yoga Teacher Training

Updated: May 1, 2022

Intentions, Reflection and Letter to Myself

I did it! I finally took the leap into becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). I am beginning the yoga teacher training journey that I had set my sights on many years ago. This has been one of my "New Years Goals" for THREE YEARS. At one point I wrote to myself: "just find one you'd be interested in and think about it" because I knew the level of commitment it would take. In my Notes App, it's in a bulleted list beside goals I've long since accomplished.

Truthfully, when I began my yoga journey as a freshman in college I knew I was going to share this practice with many. I have always been so in love with yoga: the healing, the challenging and the strengthening that we find through yoga.

Yoga gives you what you need at the time: the room of requirement but make it fitness. Do you need to sit with yourself? Do you need to sweat it out? Do you think you know what you needed but you landed at the end of practice in savasana and now you actually know what you need? -- That's what yoga gives me.

I want to share this practice with those who find it to be "boring" and show them it's depth. I want to share this practice with those who believe it to be "too hard" and provide them with the gentle. I want to share it with my patients, as a way for them to reclaim their movement, get in touch with their body and find peace within.

I am excited to share with you how I found Left Coast Power Yoga & how I knew they were "the one" in upcoming posts. If you have any questions regarding the decision making process comment on this post or feel free to contact me so I can address them.

And finally I want to share with you something that, as I wrote, felt incredibly personal. When asked to share with a classmate, I was a bit shy. I tend to be dramatic in diary entries and letters to myself. But after sharing I felt this incredible sense of relief as if saying it outloud solidified my intention for the next few months.

The letter I wrote myself:

Dear Kaylee,

You are beginning the yoga teacher training journey. This is something you have wanted to do for years, ever since your first yoga teacher at UM. I'm so happy that I feel supported by Jacob, ready financially and mentally prepared. Each day you will learn so much and I want you to hold onto that excitement: read, absorb, ask questions and be in the experience 100%.

Set goals and move toward them, intentions and practice them. See all of the ways in which this journey will change you and let it. Take this knowledge with you throughout life, in every encounter -- family, friends, students and patients. Learn to teach for the student. And how to practice for no one but yourself.

xo Namaste Yogi,


Follow along my Yoga Teacher Training journey at Left Coast Power Yoga at @upsidedown_physio on instagram and @DPT_Klee on twitter.

Kaylee, PT, DPT 
Kaylee is a Doctor of Physical Therapy based in the Bay Area of California.  She received her degree in 2020 from The University of Miami and is currently practicing in Sub-Acute Rehab.   Kaylee is passionate about all things yoga, neuro-rehab, and limb loss and limb difference rehabilitation demonstrated through practice, student education and advocacy. 

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