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Took a Moment from my Day...

My mum showed me an email list I've long since subscribed to where “The Universe” sends you emails. Sometimes to keep going, sometimes to look around, and all of the time to let you know that you’ve arrived to this present moment and the universe is happy you’re here.

Since I began receiving them, I have saved almost every one. No idea why, another demonstration of hoarding I suppose. But /actually/ it’s because when I read those little messages I feel loved, thought about, important and curious.

I am passionate about writing, connection, and pushing the boundaries of what I have previously accomplished. To be frank, however, blogging seems to be a daunting task. There is something that feels permanent and "big" about hitting post. Like every post needs to be a soul searching introspection +/ commentary. Sometimes, I want to write and just say hi. Connect. Remind you that you're being thought of. Share art: music, poetry, etc.

So I decided to embark on a new endeavor of writing love notes and sending them straight to your inbox. Velvet Seal is a Tuesday note in your inbox to let you know I'm thinking of you. Where I may include a pre-recorded yoga class or movement suggestions, new (and probably old) music suggestions and playlists, or brief thoughts.

While the inspiration comes from something my mum and I share, the name comes from a Phish song (Wading in the Velvet Sea). Phish is a band my dad and I see together, and this song encapsulates what I want to share with you, just moments from my day.

If this interests you, join me by filling out this form

Thank you and talk soon,


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