Day 3: Tips for your Crow Pose

Updated: May 1

5 Days of Yoga continues, cue the music!! Sticking with this song's bird theme, here are some tips for your crow pose. I know you're supposed to check the ego and what not in yoga, but getting people into their first crow pose ever is something really special. So, let's try it shall we!

  • I'd encourage anyone who may be new to crow or struggling with the pose to utilize a block on its low height setting in order to get more lift.

  • Plant the hands firmly and grip the floor, engaging the fingers.

  • Knees should be wide, and tucked into your armpit before you lean forward.

  • Elbows over wrists, bending your arms to create a shelf for your knees on your triceps

  • Gaze should be out in front of your hands neck relaxed

  • Lift one foot and then the other.

  • Imagine your heels moving toward your buttock

  • Don't forget to breathe!

You'll have it in no time!

Ps. Just entering crow with no warm up can be incredibly difficult. I would recommend preparatory poses like malasana (deep prayer), cat pose to address thoracic mobility and a heat building ab circuit to address the core engagement.

Happy flying,



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